Subscription Box Review: Cozy Reader Club


Cozy Reader Club is a monthly subsription box which caters to readers who love to snuggle up on the couch or in a bubble bath with a good book, a sweet snack and a warm cup of something to drink. Busy moms, moms-to-be, any woman with a busy life- this is the box for you!

The subscription costs $64.95 per month and it is well worth it! Here is a break down of each item included in the May box:


A hard-cover copy of Eligible by Curtis Sittenfled the hilarious retelling of Jane Ausen’s Pride and Prejudice – Retail Price $28.00
Liz Bennett and Darcy pursue one another in 21st century Cinncinati while staying true to Austen’s original character portrayal. Immediately dispensing with polite courtship, the relationship develops in line with modern social norms- social media, tumbling unclothed beneath the sheets and a reality show romance. A truly hilarious read, Eligible was a vast undertaking that lives up to the expectations. A perfect choice for this box and well worth subscribing for.

8oz. whole bean coffee from Herkimer Coffee- Retail Price $9.00
Roasted in Seattle, Washington this single origin Columbian coffee is sweet, herbal and smooth.

Handmade stoneware travel mug- Retail Price $34.00
Beautiful blue, green and off-white stoneware mug with silicone lid and sleeve. Handmade by the Etsy shop Sarah Welch Pottery.

Mug Cozy Retail Price- $10.95
Off-white yarn mug sleeve with pink mug applique. Handmade by the Etsy shop YarnLovin.

Sea Salt Cocomels Caramels Retail Price- $4.99
Yum yum yum! Vegan, gluten-free coconut milk caramels. 100% natural and 100% delicious.

I am thoroughly pleased with the content and quality of this box. It is a great counterpoint the the plethora of young adult reading subscription boxes. Check out their Instagram account @cozyreaderclub or order your box today

This box was purchased by me and no compensation was provided by the company for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.


7 thoughts on “Subscription Box Review: Cozy Reader Club

    1. It is sooo worth it! It is on the higher end cost wise but the quality of the items is so high and beyond the price you would pay for the box itself. And it holds a little piece of my heart because it is a local Pacific NW company 🙂


  1. That’s awesome that their treat is vegan and gluten-free! Very thoughtful and inclusive 😀

    I had a look to see if that was available here in Australia, and a store does sell it here – 2 pieces (total 29g) for $4.50. Quite more expensive than your lovely big bag for $4.99!


    1. Oh shoot, yes I was looking into where to buy it as well because it is so delicious! That is unfortunate that you would get such a small amount for a more expensive price. I wonder if you can order online? Shipping maybe atrocious though.


      1. Hopefully you can find it locally for that price or cheaper!

        And I was looking online because the local stores don’t really sell this kind of thing or it’s too hard to find. So there’d be a $10-$15 shipping fee added to it! Ah, well…


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