Subscription Box Review: Cozy Reader Club

Cozy Reader Club is a monthly subscription box which caters to readers who love to snuggle up on the couch or in a bubble bath with a good book, a sweet snack and a warm cup of something to drink. Busy moms, moms-to-be, any woman with a busy life- this is the box for you!

The subscription costs $64.95 per month and it is well worth it! Here is a break down of each item included in the June box:

A hard-cover copy of Emily Giffin’s newest novel First Comes Love. $28.00

A story of two sisters trying to manage the ups and downs of life after the tragic death of their brother. Goodreads calls it “emotionally honest and utterly enthralling.”

A bag of artisan coffee from Carpo Coffee. $7.99

The Tosa Brazilian roast is a single origin bean with a flavor profile that sits right in the middlefor roast depth, body and acidity. Flavors of cherry and dark chocolate make this smooth coffee the perfect choice to get you through those afternoon playdates or meetings.

Handmade tote bag from Miss Mac. $25.00

Reversible = versitle. Coral starfish adorne one side while the other is much simpler. Perfect to carry your book, snacks and towel to the lakefront, beach or poolside.

Beaded bookmark from Jills Handmade Stuff. $12.95

The starfish charms ties in nicey with the totebag theme and the light bue and silver beading is calming and beautiful. The perfect accessory to make your page (as if we ever  want to stop reading).

4oz bag of dark chocolate toffee  from Dave’s Sweet Tooth. $5.99

Toffee with dark chocolate and crushed almonds- need I say more? All natural and gluten free!

I am thoroughly pleased with the content and quality of this box. It is a great counterpart the the plethora of young adult reading subscription boxes. Check out their Instagram account @cozyreaderclub or order your box today

This box was purchased by me and no compensation was provided by the company for this review. All opinions are honest and my own.
Read Voraciously.


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