Book Review: The Twilight Wife by A.J. Banner


What if my brain is choosing to block out not trauma, but something else altogether? Impossible. I have to dismiss the thought. I have to believe what Jacob is saying. The conversation was all in fun. Just because someone talks about murder, doesn’t mean they intend to actually kill someone.

Kyra suffered a traumatic brain injury following a  diving accident. She has no memory of the past four years of her life and she struggles to form new, lasting memories. Her husband, Jacob, has been put to the task of reintroducing her to her life through shared experiences, friends and photo albums kept at their home on the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest.

Desperate to regain her past, Kyra begins to search the island for clues to help corroborate her husband’s story. She revisits places her and Jacob frequented and meets with friends they shared with the hope of sparking recognition. At the urging of one friend she begins to see a therapist- someone to whom she can confide her deepest worries and thoughts.

As I leave her office, I should feel calmer, less confused, and better equipped to face the mystery of my past. I do, in a way. But I also feel as though my memories stop short, before the storm, at the edge of a precipice leading down into darkness.

Kyra attempts to pursue something akin to a normal life. She returns to the ocean- her haven of sea creatures that she studied for years and one of the few things she can remember. She tries to reacquaint herself with Jacob and she can’t help but admit to the attraction and companionship she feels. She can’t ignore the nagging suspicion, either.

I kiss him back, the way I know I have before, many times. His lips taste familiar. I’m enjoying his touch. I want him. I wanted him before. But something went wrong between us. And I suddenly remember thinking, What secrets would I hide to save my marriage?

A discovery leads to a rapid unraveling and the reveal that proves everyone has their secrets. The Twilight Wife is a solid thriller with the perfect combination of emotional depth and suspense.

Read voraciously.

Intrigued? Buy the book here:

Twilight Wife
by A J BannerTrade Paperback


A review copy of this title was provided by Touchstone via Netgalley.


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