Support your Library- via BookRiot

My library has taken to their Facebook page with fierce determination to educate the public in light of recent political events. Offering resources to combat fake new and better understand American history in context. I am proud to be a patron and hope you take the time to explore what your library has to offer! Click the link to see how to best support yours.

Read voraciously.


6 thoughts on “Support your Library- via BookRiot

    1. I absolutely agree. I am embarrassed to admit I did not know the extent of information available from my local library aside from books. They have an impressive digital presence with some timely discussion boards and topic groups.


  1. Libraries are the best! And I think it’s great that people are becoming more aware of their services! I know people who read a lot and didn’t realize they can access digital databases, take online courses, or even rent weird things that aren’t books from their libraries. I know libraries across the U.S. have been taking a stand on the importance of information and learning how to determine facts and vet sources, which is great. People are realizing just why libraries are so important! If only that would stop the budget cuts.

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