Subscription Box Review: PlumDeluxe Tea

PlumDeluxe is a tea company based out of Portland, OR (woop, woop!) which specializes in unique, tasty tea blends. They offer a wide variety of loose leaf tea by the ounce as well as a tea of the month club.  The tea subscription runs at an affordable $10/month and includes 1-2 ounces are artisinal tea, a “surpirse scoop” of one additional tea and occasional special gift inclusions. Also, subscription to the tea of the month club provides exclusive discounts and free shipping on additional items ordered plus it grants you access to their online community which includes a blog filled with positive affirmations and just general love. Below is a sample of the three teas I was offered to try. Their tea menu is expansive and they also offer floral/herb mix-ins, honey and tea sugar so please take some time to check it all out here. Enjoy!

Easy to Be: Find peace no matter the circumstance

Fully organic green tea blended with blueberries, raspberry leaves, rose hips, hibiscus, cranberries, blue cornflowers, and blueberry essence. This tea has a mild flavor and these added elements give it the perfect fruity hint. I imagine this would make a killer iced tea. I have to take a moment to brag that I was able utilize the tea cup my husband brought my from Japan, so I felt very authentic.

House Blend: A simple, comforting (yet bold + assertive) tea to celebrate all of life’s moments

Fully organic Assam and Ceylon black tea blended with safflower, blue malava flowers and vanilla essence. This tea has a timeless black tea flavor, but the addition of vanilla essence lends a unique nuance that helps round it out. For that reason this tea could be drunk black, however I always prefer my black tea with a little sugar and milk.

Reading Nook Blend: A blend of joy. Pairs well with creativity, reading & writing, conversation, relaxing. 

Black tea blended with rosebuds, lavender,  and chamomile. I was floored to see this tea on the list of offerings at PlumDeluxe so this was at the top of my list. As an avid reader and book blogger there could not be a more perfect tea for me. This tea really is the ideal blend to drink while reading- the added herbs and floral elements taste great and the lavender provides a calming aroma that lends itself well to any relaxing activity.

Sneak preview of my new reading nook. Full review of the creation of this space coming soon 😍😍

Take some time to check out PlumDeluxe and their extensive variety of tea! To subscribe to PlumDeluxe tea of the month club, click here or simply visit
Read (and drink tea) voraciously.

I was provided these tea samples by PlumDeluxe at no charge for an honest review.


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