Reading Nook Creation

I couldn’t wait to share with you all the construction and finished product of my bedroom reading nook! Nothing is better than a cozy spot and a strong cup of tea or coffee. 





This was truly a dream come true and it is by far my most favorite spot in the house… though possibly tied with my espresso machine and tea kettle 😆. Do you have a reading nook? Where is your favorite spot to read?

Read voraciously.


31 thoughts on “Reading Nook Creation

  1. Oh, that’s lovely!! It makes me want to curl right up with a mug of tea and one of the books I’m currently reading! I have a corner in my den I keep saying I want to turn into my “reading nook” but haven’t been able to clear the kids toys out of the way, lol! I’m a little more determined after seeing your nook!! 😄

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      1. I would love to do it in the bedroom, but then I would have to move the dog’s beds, hahaha. Technically, the toys are my 6 yr old daughters, which I can mostly live with since it’s a table and art stuff although when she cuts paper everywhere I want to scream, but my oldest son has completely taken over one corner with a desk, laptop, and PlayStation (and a bunch of stuff I have no idea what it is), so he doesn’t have to share his gaming things with his brother! Urgh!! I feel like that should be my corner, lol! It’s perfect for a nice recliner or chair, a bookshelf, comfy cushions, etc.

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      2. I keep saying that I’m going to but as you say, easier said than done! I pick out the recliner and go to order it then I think about forcing him back upstairs with his brother! They are both teenagers…16 and 18..and have had to share a room to sleep in since their sister was born, so they get tired of each other super fast! I guess since I want my private corner I understand how he wants his corner away from his brother, and I know he will be moving out soon…:( So, I guess I will get my cozy corner then! Until then, the couch is all mine, and I try to ignore everyone while I am reading and pretend I am alone, haha! My life is so crazy too that I completely understand what you mean 🙂

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      3. Yes, it is! It’s bittersweet the older they get and you know they will be leaving you and starting a new life, so those sacrifices are worth it and different somehow. Hahaha! I know the three-nager stage well! My six year old daughter has been in the -nager stage since she was around that age too! I’m hoping she gets out of it by the time she is an actual teenager. Reading is my way of coping with leaving with 2 teenagers and a 6 yr old, oh, and an often grumpy husband, lol! And I teach college kids, so I have to escape from them too! Yikes!

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      4. Yeah my kiddo just turned 3 so this week was an emotional one realizing how quickly time goes by! Reading is definitely my escape too- I work night shift at a hospital so it’s a good way to de-stress!

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      5. It goes by much too quickly! In a blink of an eye….Reading is the best way to destress that I know! So many people think I am crazy, so it’s nice to meet people who think like me for a change 🙂

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  2. I made myself a book nook awhile back. Unfortunately, it is also a closet still and hard to get in and out of. But, I almost always turn to a footstool in a corner of my kitchen. I do a TON of cooking and baking and whatnot and in between the minutes, I read. Inevitably, I devour a great many books from that spot near the window in my kitchen!


  3. Your reading nook looks great! I have a small writing nook in one corner of the living room, with a desk and a little bookcase. Had to get rid of one armchair, but that was a small price to pay. That’s the best I can do, as my children take up all other space in the house it seems. Luckily we do have two living areas, thank goodness.🙏😊

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  4. This nook is AMAZING!! I’m in the process of creating one myself since we just moved into a house (from a tiny apartment). This serves as great inspiration for the decor part, and looks like a great post idea once it’s complete 🙂 I know you’ll enjoy many books in that comfy-looking chair!

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