Harry Potter: Movies vs Books- via Bustle

Which one do you favor from the Harry Potter franchise: the books or the movies?

I have to admit I am wholeheartedly a book fan 🙂

Read voraciously.

13 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Movies vs Books- via Bustle

  1. I am a complete book fan but the movies technically started my love of it. My best friend at the time invited me to see the first movie. I wasn’t super interested but I wanted to hang out with her. After seeing the movie I was in love and immediately picked up book two. I did eventually go back a read book one (I’ve read all multiple times) but I’ve been obsessed with everything Harry Potter ever since.

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    1. I read all the books first and then watched the movies in the order of reading book one then watching the movies. This was a bad idea because I was acutely aware of all the ways the two mediums didn’t align. I got over it though and I too am HP obsessed!!

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  2. I have to admit that, for a change, I love them both. The books, as always, are more detailed, and will always be treasured (I re-read them often). However, the individual cast members made the movies great (my husband and I re-watch these regularly).

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  3. The books of course! Though I thought the movies did a great job of honoring the spirit of the novels. Except for the fact Ravenclaw will always be silver and blue versus the bronze and blue found in the books. Ugh.

    I think the only “movie” I prefer over the book is Game of Thrones.

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  4. I love both. I was late to the game with the books – I fell in love with the movies when they were first released, and then immediately devoured all the books. I was lucky enough to be in London when they released The Half-Blood Prince in July 2005 – I have the British copy! Harry Potter is one of the best things that’s happened to me, and many others.

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    1. I was late to the party too. Lucky you loving in London! I just visited there in November and went to the platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross 😁 I’m heading to Harry Potter World in California in October this year and I can’t waaaait!


  5. I think they’re both fantastic. The books are enthralling and I adore them. The movies, I think if you watch them as a separate thing to the books, are fantastic. It’s hard to appreciate film over novels because you can’t include as much, but I think as a stand-alone series they were fantastic.

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  6. The books, most def…there aren’t that many books out there that can make you disappear so completely in to another world and be so sad when you return because you realize it doesn’t exist.

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