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Book Review: The Glass Forest by Cynthia Swanson

"Ruby?" I said again. "Are you there? Are you alright?" "No," Ruby answered in that restrained voice of hers, devoid of emotion and cool as the water in the bay. "No, Aunt Angie, I am no all right." There was another pause, and then Ruby said, "Aunt Angie, my father is dead. And my mother … Continue reading Book Review: The Glass Forest by Cynthia Swanson


This Small Norwegian Town Turns Abandoned Buildings Into Bookstores- Reader’s Digest

Follow the link below for a cursory tour of one Norwegian town that focuses on spreading the literary love. Norwegian booktown

This One-Page Fredric Brown Story From 1950 Is Basically A Way More Disturbing Version Of ‘Black Mirror’- Bustle

Read on for a thoroughly terrifying, albiet brief, sci-fi story.

How to organize your mountain of books- via Read It Forward

Do you feel like your collection of books will never look polished and organized? Check out this article for tips on how to make it happen, your way. Read voraciously.

Book Review: White Bodies by Jane Robins

It was more that I was sick with knowing too much. On the day of his death, I'd waited for the police to turn up at my flat or at the bookshop. It was the same on the morning of the postmortem. And now at the funeral, it seemed certain that police officers were waiting … Continue reading Book Review: White Bodies by Jane Robins

Bizarre bookmarks- via Reader’s Digest

Here is a list of the most bizarre things librarians have found inside returned books. Read voraciously.