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Growing up I was one of those kids that brought a book to a sleepover.

If I see you reading a book, I will try to talk to you about it and I will recommend similar books I loved.

Rather than be ‘that weird girl I don’t know that won’t stop talking to me about books’ I decided to start this blog to send my reviews out into cyberspace with the hope that people will stumble along and find something they like.

I am a wife to one remarkable man.

I am a mother to one mini-bookworm, age 3.

I am a medical laboratory scientist (ask me about this!)

I love coffee, hiking, ice cream, volleyball, wine, and biking. Basically, imbibing and activites.

I hope you all enjoy my reviews and that you find something to love among these wonderful treasures called books.

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48 thoughts on “Get To Know This Blogger

  1. Thank you for the very first like on my brand new, second blog, which hopefully will equal or surpass my still active first one. Best of luck with yours. (My family are book lovers, too.)

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  2. Thank you so much for liking my post on Burial Rites. I’m just new to blogging and haven’t got my site going properly yet. Technology is not my forté. Will have to check out your blog soon. It’s late in Australia where I live.😍😊

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  3. Thank you so much for being the first person to like my blog!!! It is the first one I publish and I feel great to be onboard! I will definitely check your recommendations and I am sure they will give me great reading options! Success!

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  4. Oh what fun, we like the same things, but I guess a lot of people like coffee, icecream and books LOL. Looking forward to follow your blog.

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  5. Hey there
    Cool bio. I love when educated and cool bloggers find my little blog. If only there were 30 million more of you America wouldn’t be in danger of electing a lunatic dumbass. Very nice photo of your family; my Canadian wife says you look like a vintage Canuck. As a wannabe wordsmith who was lucky enough to retire early I use the blog only as a mor hobby but I do love reading do I plan on reading lots of your reviews. I hope you follow us also

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    1. I’m terrified for this election, and for the world in general right now. But it ebbs and flows so I’m just hoping to ride this one out. Early retirement is a hope for my husband and I but we still have a ways to go! I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogging experience and the opportunities it has allowed me. I look forward to exploring your blog some more.


  6. I was the kid who walked into lampposts whilst reading a book (the latter day equivalent of texting into a lamppost I guess) ….

    I wonder if you would be interested in reviewing my debut book?

    It is the first part of a thrilling series, with 60 chapters each set in real time taking the reader 1 minute to read (hence Sixty Minute Reads series)

    It is available on Kindle Unlimited or paperback here, but I am able to email you a PDF version if you’d prefer?

    “Holly Holloway is locked in a dusty room, strapped to a ticking bomb.

    What would you do, if you only had one hour left to live?”

    Thank you for your time
    Dave Johnston

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    1. I much prefer to walk into a lamppost by reading a book rather than texting. I would be interested in reading your debut! I would prefer the PDF copy. I can’t promise to have it reviewed quickly as a have a large group of prior review commitments but I will do it in a timely manner. Please e-mail the file to me at Thanks!

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  7. Thanks for the like — I’ll have to check out some of your reviews (always on the lookout for something else to read, despite having a Kindle that’s already got enough on it to keep me going for years!).
    Taking a book to a sleepover? Didn’t do many of those when I was a kid, but when my parents told me to go out and play, I’d take a book and sit on top of the climbing frame. Not that comfortable, but at least I was getting some fresh air!

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  8. Hello, thanks for liking and commenting on my post yesterday, I really enjoyed kind of chatting with you!
    Your comments and input definitely whetted my appetite for historical fiction! Thanks again!


      1. Wow, thanks again for the recommendation! I’ve already had my eye on Nightingale by Kristin Hannah but didn’t even know about The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. I definitely have to put that on my TBR list!

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  9. Hi! Would you be interested at all in reading/reviewing my book? It’s kinda a fifty shades…only with a better storyline and no bsdm stuff. I know everyone has busy lives…Please let me know if you are interested, thanks, Leah


  10. Hi! Thank you so much for checking out my post and liking it! This is my first proper blog and it’s be difficult to get some posts out that I like and that other people would be interested in it too, so I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

    I would really like to know what exactly do you do as a medical laboratory scientist? Because those words sound super cool!

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  11. Hi, thank you for liking my book review post Nothing Better 🙂

    As I kid I would go to other people’s houses and end up sitting reading one of their books, because, you know, new books = too much temptation…!

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      1. Hah! Yes I do a bit of that too 🙂 We had a visitor a couple of weeks ago who immediately started scoping our bookshelves, didn’t bother me at all as I like to do the same thing… we had a great discussion about a wide range of reading material. Great to meet like-minded folk!


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