Review Philosophy and Contact Form

I strongly believe that there is a reader for every book. My hope is to use this blog as a means to connect readers with the books meant for them. I strive to review books in a variety of genres and actively seek out diverse authors and topics. I may not always be the person meant for a particular book, so any failings on my part to truly represent the heart of a story are my own, but that does not mean I won’t try my best to put forth a review worthy of any particular book.

I write my reviews in the format of an ‘extended book jacket’ to provide a potential reader with further insight into the plot while including quotes to share snippets of the author’s voice. As always, my reviews are SPOILER FREE.  I will never provide a rating system in my reviews (however, this is available on Goodreads, if you are so inclined to check), as to not sway a reader away from a book they may choose solely based on my personal rating. Again, I believe my job here is not to share my personal option but rather to take an active part in connecting readers with books. That being said, I value the opportunity to share the works of marginalized groups in publishing (women, LGBTQA+, non-white, and translated authors) both in authorship and in subject matter.

I truly hope you are able to find books worth your precious reading time and that I may play a small part in connecting you with a special story. Please always reach out in the comments section of any review or via major social media channels @readvoraciously to share your thoughts! If you would like to contact me with a review request please use the form below.

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Please fill out the form below to contact me for review requests. Please provide the title, author, genre, publication date and a short synopsis of the book. Thank you.